Better Off Dead

VD King - guitar/vocals
Don Kenny - guitar
Tim Cassidy - harmonica
Mike Kenny - drums
Carl Lorentzen - bass

A Little History

Besides holding claim to having a luxury condominium complex built upon a toxic waste dump, Jersey City, NJ is also the car theft capital of the world, has some of the nation's highest property taxes, has virtually no school system, and has been called everything from an "armpit" to the "anti-zeitgeist." The members of Better Off Dead just call it home.

The origins of the band go way back to when guitarist/vocalist VD King first ran into guitarist Don Kenny loading musical equipment on the Jersey City streets. " I figured he was either stealing it, or he was in a band, or both," explains VD. The two subsequently struck up a long lasting musical friendship that has led to Better Off Dead.

Joining VD and Don are Professor Tim Cassidy on harmonica and the chain smokin' rhythm section of Mike Kenny on drums and Carl Lorentzen on bass. All five had previously put time in a variety of other groups, playing everything from pop, punk, and soul to rockabilly and swing. "The band's existed since 1995, but for the longest time we didn't consider ourselves a band, more like a social gathering," offers guitarist Kenny.

Lifting their name from an obscure Bill Withers 45 that VD found in the trash (no, they aren't named after the John Cusack movie), the newly christened Better Off Dead headed for the clubs. The band got their first big break when a live cassette tape landed in the hands of a Canadian concert promoter. This led to the band playing three nights at the 1996 Montreal Blues Festival.

Meanwhile, back in the states, Better Off Dead played long and hard over the next year, performing dozens of shows in Delaware, New York, and New Jersey, while mixing a wild sonic concoction from virtually every era of American music and in the process, creating a musical margarita all their own. In summer of 1997, the band locked themselves up in VD's tiny bedroom and an adjoining bathroom to record a couple of songs. The result was Better Off Dead, a full-length album that delivered on all the raw exuberance of the band live. Well received by both fans and the press, including LIVING BLUES, BLUES REVUE, and BLUES ACCESS magazines, the debut CD garnered airplay as far away as Greece and Belgium, and helped to land the band a slot at the NXNE festival in Toronto in 1998 and 1999 and New York's Blues 2000 festival.

Returning once again to the bedroom, Better Off Dead cut the tracks that would become their second recording -- Girl With A Job! Featuring 14 tunes penned by VD King, Better Off Dead also rips through the Treniers' "Rockin Is Our Business," turns in a shakin' and stirring version of the mighty Rex Garvin's "Sock It To 'em JB," and gives Bo Diddley's "Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut" a healthy punch.

Like an old sponge on the counter of a musical greasy spoon, Better Off Dead manage to sop up almost every musical influence around them until the whole thing smells down and dirty. Yet when you wring it out, you can't help but exclaim, "Mmm, that sure is some tasty soup!" OK, maybe that's the wrong metaphor, or is it a simile? Ah forget it, these guys are just plain cookin'!


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