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Click here to buy musicBetter Off Dead-Girl With a Job- Garageland 0722
"Warning: contains genuine foot stompin, house rocking r&b from the swamps of New Jersey!" I couldn't have given a better discription, because "that's what it's all about!" Greasy and swampy boogie in the best Paladins, Tailgators- and Blasters tradition. Girl With A Job is Better Off Dead's second CD and an unbelievable step forwards. Their first CD was certainly good, but here and there a bit rough.
Here they go 'full speed' on a "a wild ride through boogie country". 17 songs served with a hard beat. Rockabilly, swing, blues, Bo Diddley beats and high octane r&b mixed together to form a highly flammable cocktail.
They're no purists, they tackle all styles of music. It's difficult to pick a couple of songs, because I constantly play the whole CD, but what they do with the Trenier's Rockin' Is 'R' Business is masterly. Well written humorous lyrics (the titles are a good indication: Sleepin' On The Sofa Tonight, Did Your Dog Bite The Landlord?, Sixpack And You, Gin And Tonic Tonight, Buzz Off….) and a solid, professional production make this CD a littlel masterpiece. When you're in the mood to 'let it all hang out,' or go wild, Better Off Dead is your thing totally! High time to get these guys to Belgium for some steaming concerts." -RootsTown Magazine Belgium


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